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Digital Bridge International sees the necessity of a holistic approach to the designing of the future.

Skill. Reskill. Upskill.

Education should transform how you view the world and help you transform the way the world works.

Coaching Centre

Education in Its Real Sense is The Passion of Power to empower the nation with a better life and happy community.

Skill Centre

The happy and sustainable life of every individual start with best education in place & specialized skills leading the dream job in his career.

Research & Innovation Centre

Digital disruption creates unprecedented opportunities to adopt alternative business models.

Hillsinai Centre of Excellence

Where the future is present!

Tomorrow belongs to those who prepare today. Hillsinai assures wings for those who are ready to press on. Advanced coaching and research in an assortment of subjects like civil service, engineering, medicine, business, finance and law caters to the diverse needs of the society as well as individual dreams of students across and beyond the nation.

Hillsinai Finishing School

Hem the frayed edges of education giving direction to your career & future.

Hillsinai Civil Service Academy

Developing necessary skills and mentoring through competitive examinations.

Zero Touch Farming

The future farming at your fingertips.

A number of variables come in the way of a bountiful harvest. The solutions to the problems of food security must be implemented at the ground level. Data driven practices blend with traditional insight to streamline cultivation and transportation of food products in the digitalised world. Artificial intelligence, IOT and cloud practices are being applied to agricultural processes to reduce wastage of water, optimize growing condition and increase crops. The IOT machine can be controlled remotely and the result of the information is made available on the cloud for faster decision making. This will not only provide food security but also make farming a more viable profession.

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Artificial Intelligence

The science and engineering of making intelligent machines.

Artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence in machines enabling them to learn from experience, adjust to new inputs and perform tasks like a human being. The machine shows traits associated with human beings such as learning and problem solving. The primary goal of artificial intelligence is learning, reasoning and perception. The application of Artificial Intelligence spans across various fields ranging from banking to healthcare and in surgical procedures to computers playing chess. There is narrow focussed goal and every action is directed towards it.

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Our Projects

Hillsinai Centre of Excellence

HILLSINAI is the execution platform of DBI to realise its dream projects of bridging the gap between the known and the not yet known; between the digitized and the not yet digitized.

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